Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It’s true. I’m now connected to Twitter. It’s just really unbelievable how life has changed because of social networking. Yes. I admit. It’s awesome. I can’t wait to let everyone know what I’m doing... especially when what I’m doing is completely wickedly cool. Sometimes I even wish that while I was doing something really cool, I could tell everyone about it so that everyone knows I’m up to something fun and my life isn’t boring.

Please be careful. There are some interesting ironies happening inside of this trend. We are more connected to the rest of the world than ever before in the history of civilization. But in the same moment –it’s my assumption– that we are more disconnected with our neighbors. Because communicating is convenient. Notice, convenient. But the most convenient doesn’t mean the most beneficial.

Something to think about.


Justin Rusk said...

Yeah, I agree. It's a little crazy to be sitting across from real people at a restaurant and all of the sudden wonder why I'm on Facebook and texting.

The next iteration of this craziness, Google Latitude, is on the cusp of becoming widespread. Its a lot like Loopt, which was introduced with the iPhone 3G last year, but its from Google and its already part of a software update to every Android phone out there. There may not be a lot of Android phones right now but Google has already promised that its coming to iPhone very soon...

Nate Knodel said...

So you set up a twitter account, but do you actually use it?